Week 1 Production is in the can!

Holy cow! What a week it has been...

We started up in the morning on Monday and have been shooting non-stop through Saturday night.

The sets put together by Robert Poe and John Lane look amazing, the actors are fabulous, our cinematographer Ioana Vasile is working miracles with the lights and her crew is pushing hard everyday...

The production team headed up by Tim Gagliardo and Vinnie Van Hinte have created such an incerdible working environment, from eats and drinks to scheduling that we all feel like we're on a mini vacation as we slave away to make this dream a reality.

Here are some pics from the action on set.

Our 5 Passengers contemplating their fate
The first shot of the shoot
Marc and Elaine Zicree of Space Command came by for a visit
Our super talented DP Ioana and Director Scott just happened to be wearing the same shirt
We're getting some great steadicam shots on our beautiful sets
Some of the set dress team puting the finishing touches on things

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us along the way and stay tuned for more updates... this film is shaping up to be something incredible.

Onward and Upward!

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