That's a Wrap!

What just happened?!

3 awesome weeks just flew by and we're all done with principle photography for 5th Passenger...


As they say, time flies when you're having fun; and this whole production really was a blast. The footage looks incredible and every person on the team did an awesome job.


We worked some really long hours and pushed ourselves to deliver our very best. We didn't let our tight budget keep us from making a fantastic film. In fact, I think we were able to take our constraints and make them into positive things for the movie.


And what about our cast?! It's no wonder that they have such great fans... they really know how to jump in bring life to the characters. I honestly found myself laughing, crying and being afraid watching their performances.


The hardest thing is holding back from showing you what the alien creature looks like. It's really a wonder to be held. It's beautiful in the most grotesque and frightening way possible. Thomas Surprenant and his team stole the show.


We have so many more great photos and experiences to share from the set. As we dig into the post production process we'll be sure to keep the flow of behind the scenes images flowing.

And as we move into the next stage, I'd like to once again express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to everyone that donated to the campaign, helped to spread the word, volunteered on set, or had kind words of encouragement as we travelled long this path that began almost 4 years ago. You have all had some part in helping make my (and many other peoples') dream come true.

Thank you!!

Onward and Upward!

-Scott Baker

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